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Psychology Department

University of Windsor

Windsor, ON



Research Director and Faculty Advisor: Catherine T. Kwantes, Ph.D.

Members of the Centre for Culture and Organizational Research are encouraged to work on both individual and joint research projects. Research in this centre revolves around topics concerning workplace issues and the influence of social culture on individual and group behaviour. Oftentimes, the two primary interests of the lab are combined through projects that investigate cross-cultural issues in the workplace. For example, some of the projects that lab members are currently involved in are:


  • Indigenous Workways:  Cultures of Trust and Psychologically Safe Workplaces: To effectively engage members of the Indigenous workforce organizations must shed traditional barriers which fostered marginalization and mistrust, and replace them with cultures of trust. Grant proposals have been submitted to develop an understanding of what cultural safety means for Indigenous employees in the Canadian workplace, and to use this understanding to create a tool to assist organizations in providing greater psychological safety in the workplace for Indigenous employees.

  • International Trustworthiness Study: Data collection for this study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from 12 different countries (Brazil, Canada, China, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Taiwan, South Africa, USA).  This study examines the influence of societal culture on perceptions of trust and trustworthiness in social and work relationships.

Undergraduate volunteers:

Undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience are welcome to apply to volunteer in the Centre for Culture and Organizational Research. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in ongoing activities and often have the option to participate in a variety of projects. Some of the tasks that lab volunteers may be asked to complete include providing input during lab meetings, data collection, data entry, and simple data analyses.  If interested, contact Dr. Kwantes at or click the button above.

Conference Presentations
student authors in bold

Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference (April 2023)

Examining resilience in BIPOC versus non-BIPOC individuals and its role in buffering Covid-19 anxiety and stress. (Hussein, N. & Kwantes, C. T.)

Microaggressions in the context of workplaces. (Kwantes, C. T., & Adair, W.L.)

Organizational culture and the COVID-19 pandemic. (​Boglarsky, C., & Kwantes, C. T.)

Differential roles of autonomy and relatedness in predicting discretionary behaviours. ​(Talaei, A., & Kwantes, C. T.)

How to combat crowding in an 8 billion person world (Balmer, S.)

Values and regions in American mental health (Balmer, S.)

Personality & smartphone use: The mediating role of coping (Livingstone, J., & Chung-Yan, G.)

Relationship between adult attachment styles and job performance with job burnout as a mediator among academicians (Amini, R., & Binti Yahya, A. N.)

Canadian Psychological Association (June 2023)

Psychological Safety dimensions at the organizational level. (Kwantes, C. T., Balmer, S., Soleimani, M., Livingstone, J. A., & Amini, R.)

Target responses to workplace microaggressions. (Amini, R., Ghadiri, S., Dewar, D., Henderson, M., Soleimani, M., & Kwantes, C. T.)

Trustworthiness beyond the ABI model. (Kwantes, C. T., Azizi, N., & Talaei, A.)

Cultural safety in the workplace for Indigenous employees. (Kwantes, C. T., Jacobs, A, & MacIntyre, M.M.)

Student employee burnout: Online learning and working during COVID-19. (Livingstone, J.A., Henderson, M., & Kwantes, C. T.)

Worldviews and the meaning of work: Indigenous and non-Indigenous Perspectives. (Tessier, S. Kwantes, C. T., Buchanan, L., & Rangan, C.)

How do bystanders react to microaggressions? (Soleimani, M., Ghadiri S., Jamieson, M., Unis S., Hussein, N., & Kwantes, C. T.)

Qualitatives Analysis Conference (June 2023)

Talking in circles: Sharing Circles as interpretive and qualitative methodology. (Jacobs, A., McMurphy, S., & Kwantes, C. T.)

12th FINT Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations (June 2023)

Assessing untrustworthiness in cultural contexts: A qualitative analysis of four countries. (McMurphy, S., & Kwantes, C. T.)

European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (May 2023)

Shedding more light on the Light Triad and the Dark Tetrad of personality: Organizational implications. (Talaei, A., & Kwantes, C. T.)

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