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  • 2022 Arief B. Kartolo, Ph.D.

    • “You’re not my leader.” The impact of gender and ethnic stereotypes on leadership evaluations

  • 2019 Twiladawn Stonefish, Ph.D.

    • One size fits all? Exploring the relationship of person-environment fit and trust to feeling psychologically safe in the workplace

  • 2017 Natalia Koustova, Ph.D.

    • Social model of environmental action: An examination of values, beliefs, and norms and their influence on individual, public, and collective pro-environmental behaviour.

  • 2016   Amir Talaei, Ph.D.

    • Testing a need satisfaction approach to organizational citizenship behaviours and counterproductive work behaviours.

  • 2015   Iris Y. Y. Lin, Ph.D.   

    • A mixed methods examination of the influence of social culture on perceptions of culturally adaptive behaviours and trustworthiness in work settings.

  • 2013   Joanna Kraft, Ph.D.  

    • How do we know what emotion to show? The influence of culture and relational context on display rules in the workplace.

  • 2012    Neli Remo, Ph.D. 

    • Comparing two models of employee engagement: An examination of antecedents and outcome variables.

  • 2010    Ritu Kaushal, Ph.D. 

    • Understanding workplace interactions: An assessment of organizational power and its relationship to social culture and conflict management.

  • 2008    Simone Arbour, Ph.D.

    • Using person-environment fit and career stage to examine satisfaction, commitment and work strain in Canadian nurses.

  • 2008    Charlotte M. Karam, Ph.D. 

    • Exploration of the organizational citizenship phenomenon in Lebanon.

  • 2007   Chantal Thorne, Ph.D.

    • Paid work/non-work life policies and their relationship to job satisfaction, organizational commitment and paid-work/non-work conflict.

Graduate Student Alumni

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