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As you can see below, our research projects stem from various interests.  The overarching theme is the effect of learned societal values and beliefs on individual employee attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.  The relationship between societal culture and organizational culture is of special interest, as employees bring their socialized values and beliefs into the workplace which in turn affects how they evaluate the way employees interact with each other and the way that the organization treats employees. Our presentations reflect ongoing work in the research group, and are often pieces of larger works or interesting findings that did not find a place in the publication of the research.  These research projects have been presented around the world in locations such as France, South Africa, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. 


Click on a title where available to see the entire presentation. Student authors are in bold text.

Recent Findings: 

Recent Publications:

Kwantes, C. T. & Kartolo, A. (2021). A 10 Nation Exploration of Trustworthiness in the Workplace. Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships, 15(2), 146-166.


Kwantes, C. T., Alwar, S. T., Cragg, S., & Feoli, M. (2020). Enhancing foster care home NGOs’ sustainability via social franchising. Management: Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in Emerging Economies. 25(3), 55-64.


Schramer, K., Rauti, C., Kartolo, A., & Kwantes, C. T. (2020). Examining burnout in employed university students. Journal of Public Mental Health. 19(1), 17-25.

Kartolo, A., & Kwantes, C. T. (2019). Do you carry your attitudes and beliefs to work? A study of organizational culture and perceived discrimination in the workplace. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 38(6), 602-618.

Kwantes, C. T., & Stonefish, T. (2019). Discovering the meaning of leadership: A First Nations exploration. Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, 11(2), 73-87.


Aghababaei, N., Talaei, A., & Kwantes, C.T. (2018). آیا رابطة شخصیت و اخلاق، وابسته   به فرهنگ است؟    (Does the relationship between personality and morality depend on culture?) [In Persian]. Journal of Cultural Psychology, 2(1), 1 – 22.


Nascimento, T., Porto, J., & Kwantes, C. T. (2018). How transformational leaders can enhance followers’ proactivity: can do, reason to, and energized to motivations in a non-profit organization. Nonprofit Management & Leadership, 28, 565-576. DOI: 10.1002/nml.21308


Koustova, N., Kwantes, C. T., & Kuo, B. C. H. (2018).  Self-construals in situational context: Disaggregating behaviours and intentions using Sinha et al.’s (2002) decision making scenarios. Psychological Studies, 63(1), 78-87. DOI: 10.1007/s12646-018-0440-3

Stonefish, T., & Kwantes, C. T. (2017). Values and acculturation: A First Nations exploration.  International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 61, 63-76. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijintrel.2017.09.005

Recent Presentations:

Rauti, C., & Kwantes, C. T. Cultural Beliefs and Work-Life Balance. Presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Virtual Conference, 2021.


Kartolo, A., Kwantes, C. T., & Townsend, A. The Stereotype Content of Trustworthy Colleagues and Supervisors across 11 Nations. Presented at the 2021 SIOP Annual Conference, 2021, Winner of the 2021 SIOP Best International Poster award.


Kwantes, C. T., Livingstone, J., McMurphy, S., & Kartolo, A. COVID health behaviour responses: An exploration of Canada and the USA. Presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Virtual Conference, 2021.






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