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2022-2023 CCOR
Honours Thesis Students

Sara Unis                          The Basis of Children's Trust Toward Their Parents in Canada

Madison Jamieson            Exercise, Occupational Stress, Academic Stress, and Burnout Among Employed                                                Undergraduate Students

Danielle Dewar                 Emotional Displays: Beyond the Binary

Graduate Students
2022B Mahi.jpg
Mahshid Soleimani

I am in the Masters of Applied Social Psychology program (Industrial-Organizational Psychology concentration). My research interests broadly include psychological safety and personality in the workplace and how psychological safety is defined by members of different cultures. In particular, I am interested in how employees' and managers' dark sides of personality can affect psychological safety within culturally diversified organizations. Additionally, I am involved in various studies focusing on cognitive styles and trustworthiness, and microaggression in the workplace.

2022 Jake.jpg
Jacob Livingstone

My name is Jake Livingstone and I am a  Master's student in the Applied Social Psychology Program at the University of Windsor. I did my undergrad at Windsor where I studied a variety of topics: smartphone use, workplace socialization/job satisfaction, and cultural differences in the workplace relating to psychological safety and trustworthiness. As a graduate student my interests are: helping organizations instill better practices for employees with substance use disorder, trust and trustworthiness, social identity theory among other topics. I am serving as lead research assistant in the CCOR lab where I help out on various projects in the lab. I am also a paid RA under the Indigenous Workways project where I am researching psychological safety relating to Indigenous peoples. I have various interests outside of campus life, including but not limited to running, biking, hiking, yoga, nature walks and playing and writing music.

Sebastian Balmer

Hey all! I am Sebastian and I am currently a PhD student under Dr. Kwantes. I obtained my BSc in Animal Behavior and Spanish, while minoring in psychology, at Carroll University. At the graduate level, I synthesized these three interests in my MSc program, aptly named “Psychology, Culture and Evolution” at Brunel University London.


Nowadays, I find myself absolutely invigorated by 1) the idea of what it means to be successful (from cultural and evolutionary standpoints) and 2) the influence of perceived social density.


Outside of the lab, you may find me in the gym, on a plane, or simply on the riverside with a book in hand :)

R. Amini.jpg
Roya Amini

I am thrilled to be working towards my masters in Applied Social Psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. The main area of focus in my research is employee well-being and individual factors

Joining Fall 2023

 * Perpetual Ankamah 

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