2020-2021 CCOR
Honours Thesis Students

Marie-Paule MacIntyre    The Experiences of Racial Discrimination and Resilience

                                           amongst BIPOC University Students

Lisbeth Coxaj Ruiz           Predicting Resilience: The Social Axioms and Emotional Stability

Graduate Students

Arief Kartolo

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My research interest revolves around the effects of intergroup and intercultural conflicts in the workplace. For my master’s thesis, I investigated the impact of perceived discrimination on psychological well-being and turnover intention, and explored the effect of organizational culture on an individual’s perceived discrimination in an organizational context. My doctoral research expands onto the stereotype content model; specifically, looking into behavioural cues that counteracts the existing stereotype across various demographic categories, and its impact on performance evaluation in the workplace. Additionally, I am also involved in various research projects focusing on the construct of trust using a cross-cultural approach, as well as studies involving LGBTQ+ individuals in the leadership role.

Amir Talaei Pashiri

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I received my Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology (Industrial-Organizational Psychology concentration) in 2016. My main research interests are in the areas of motivation and personality in the workplace. I am specifically interested in psychological need satisfaction theories such as Self Determination Theory (SDT) and also the effect of employees’ and managers’ dark side of personality on organizational outcomes. My Post Doctoral fellowship is focused on designing and developing practical guidelines and decision making templates that allow organizational leaders manage Counterproductive Behaviours in their workplace more efficiently.

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Post Doctoral Fellow