2021-2022 CCOR
Honours Thesis Students

Graham Berends               A Study to Test Responses to Different Listening Styles

Nada Hussein                    Examining Resilience in BIPOC Versus Non-BIPOC Individuals and Its Role                                             in Buffering Covid-19 Anxiety and Stress

Sumin Rhee                       The Impact of Culture and Personality on Adherence to COVID-19                                                             Precautionary Measures

Graduate Students
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Mahshid Soleimani

I am in the Masters of Applied Social Psychology program (Industrial-Organizational Psychology concentration). My research interests broadly include psychological safety and personality in the workplace and how psychological safety is defined by members of different cultures. In particular, I am interested in how employees' and managers' dark sides of personality can affect psychological safety within culturally diversified organizations. Additionally, I am involved in various studies focusing on cognitive styles and trustworthiness, and microaggression in the workplace.

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Jacob Livingstone

Joining in Fall 2022.

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Sebastian Balmer

Joining in Fall 2022

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Roya Amini

Joining in Fall 2022